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The cave does not expand past the dark

And the trees—
Through all their leaves, they have no tops

I asked the birds about it

What’s more
The worms the birds had touted

Between their beaks
Claimed underground
Was just as boundless of a feat

Showed me westward toward the sea,

Great foaming mouth that greeted me
I closed my eyes, counted to three,
And found myself shrunken,


By the song that makes the waves sway

By the gentle scratching of the sand
I clung on the back of my salty host

And left that lengthy land

Past the buoys and the boats
We watched the lights blink off the shrinking coast


kitten ears and rubber bands

rounds of atom bombs and ribbon

made it raining through the morning

dinner burning in the kitchen
wrecking havoc on a heaven

uprooting reasoning and heirs
color growing out from sunshine


making magic out of air


primary colors

oozing under

the sudden sound of static

plastered white



wasted game day on the baby

through her tune the mood had shifted


shifted in his chair, slid sloping steady toward the floor

eyes knocked shot out through the glovebox

same static same black as before

in the place you graced before your birth

the taste of 

animal matter




chewed, strained & crude 


youtube love songs &

hummingbird feathers

detached & reenacted

split second scenes like

fleshy car crashes


memories played back in a fortune-teller’s flashes

as long as there's space they'll be a place to share



arms and legs and ears and face and back and ass

nail polish chipping on fingernail clippings

tucked in dirt and sand

the indentations on my skin are canyons for bacteria,

bacteria live and die in my mouth and eyes


your heart beats on it’s own accord

your blood speeds all around


they painted it pretty and unambitious.

rendered it quiet, and sweet

a soft machine to blush and wheeze


pure as cream

pink as spring

carved a mountain

called it a little thing

nomads walking

ask aloud

forgot to put the

fire out

figures outstretched 

out on the ground

figures outstretched 

all over town


the dirt stays dry

most of the time

she stays at home

most every night 

watching tv and picking



he killed himself, but that’s alright


it’s airtight here, if you 

can’t tell

the end is near, but they 

mean well


the humans have enjoyed themselves

sure could’ve used 

a little help


sure should’ve not done

half of that

i am desperate

and matter of fact


i think we’re all just 

leaves of grass

left over from the last collapse


i think we’re all just

seeds in grass


got flowers bursting out your back

stuck inside this marble bag

you can’t escape your skin


(you who burst through like a wound

to a world too tender) to pretend


tonight you'll sleep

steep to black + wake again


 suspended senses granting peeks to

pure reflection in the bends

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